Faux Plaster Finishing Services Spring & The Woodlands

Honest Repair & Paint offers faux plaster finishing services across Spring, The Woodlands, and other nearby areas. Our service ensures that your property turns out stunning, with the most solid integrity and without any structural weaknesses. 

What is Plaster Finishing?

Plaster is a type of building material made of lime and concrete mixed with water. In the industry of construction and remodeling, plaster finishing is used as a protective and decorative coat over uneven surfaces and can be molded easily into different shapes and textures in order to fit a certain structure’s design or even create prefabricated decorations.

What is Faux Finishing?

The term comes from the French word faux that means “fake” which is what such a type of finishing aims to do. With this in mind This technique uses decorative paint on surfaces such as concrete, plaster, stucco, or other similar materials with the goal of imitating objects such as stone, wood, or marble. Faux finishing is a great way to save on the cost of materials while still managing to create a sophisticated look for a home’s surface.

Hire Honest Repair & Paint

With decades of experience in providing faux and plaster finishes in the area, you are guaranteed to have quality services every time. We know how important it is to meet deadlines and that’s why we are determined to finish our projects on time. Through this, we believe that it sets our company apart from the competition.  And being a small business, we can focus more on paying attention to details while catering to the requests of our clients.

Our faux and plaster finishing services at Honest Repair & Paint are considered to be among the best across Spring, The Woodlands, and surrounding areas. With our high-quality materials and unmatched dedication to our work, we can construct or remodel your home and other properties with undeniable caliber, both in structural strength and appearance.

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